Welcome To A New Era Of Personal Genetics For Healthcare

2018 Nov, 08 | Source: emyleethai.com

For too long, the fields of genetics and traditional medicine have been separated. As a result, medical practitioners have been unnecessarily limited in what types of therapies or medication they could advise for their patients. At the same time, patients were simply unaware of what types of medical risks their DNA might be harboring. But the recent merger between two pioneering California-based healthcare companies – OM Genetics and FindDoctr – could help to change all that.

Imagine a future where patients can have knowledgeable discussions about genetic markers with their healthcare providers, based on what they know about their DNA. And imagine doctors being able to zero in on precisely the right types of treatment and medication for patients. In short, this is a new era of personal genetics for healthcare.

OM Genetics is an industry leader at the frontier of precision medicine and genetic testing, while FindDoctr is an online medical care appointment booking service. The merger of the two is really all about delivering on the mission statements of both companies. OM Genetics, for example, has a focus on helping physician clients to deliver accurate, patient-centric, and personalized medical care. And FindDoctr has the mission of providing free of charge medical care search facility for end users by integrating information about medical practices and doctors’ individual schedules in a central location.

The merger of the two companies is a strong indicator that we have finally reached a new era of personal genetics for healthcare, and that the lines between these two industries are finally starting to blur. Siloed healthcare can be a thing of the past, and that opens up an amazing new vista of preventive medicine, in which doctors can focus on preventing illness and disease rather than on curing the symptoms of that disease.

One easy place to see this change happening today is in the field of cancer treatment. In today’s system, by the time many people receive a cancer diagnosis, it could already be too late. Lifestyle changes that could have been made decades ago are no longer going to have the same impact they once might have had. And patients may be forced into making life-changing (and expensive) choices about how they are going to treat this cancer.
But just think of what happens if you are armed with knowledge of your own personal DNA code. Using OM Genetics, for example, you can order a genetic test that screens for your likelihood of developing cancer. Over 30 known cancer markers – including the infamous BRCA1 breast cancer gene (which first gained notoriety with Angelina Jolie and her own struggle with breast cancer) – can be detected with this test. And that makes these tests a very powerful tool. If you know that you have a genetic predisposition to cancer, for example, you can bring this to the attention of your medical practitioner, and he or she can recommend diet and lifestyle changes.

The goal of OM Genetics is to raise cancer awareness all over America. Through patient education, the widespread use of genetic screenings will save countless lives, while reducing healthcare costs. And now, by partnering with FindDoctr and its many users, OM Genetics is able to bring this innovative approach to better healthcare to more people around the world than ever before.

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