Orion Modern (OM) Portfolio

Orion Modern (OM) is a next generation venture capital and private equity firm that invests in innovative and market-leading healthcare companies in North America. Its portfolio of vertically integrated companies includes those addressing every aspect of the modern healthcare system – from how we diagnose disease to how we find doctors and put world-class genetic testing to work in the service of better healthcare.

Our vision is a world in which affordable, high-quality healthcare is available to everyone. To deliver on that vision, we search out and invest in healthcare companies with cutting-edge technological platforms and innovative business models that re-think and challenge traditional approaches to medicine.

OM Genetics

OM Genetics provides complete at-home DNA tests that patients can use to discover their genetic predisposition to certain diseases, including hereditary cancer. OM Genetics is strongly committed to the idea that personal genomic data can help to unlock the key to living a longer and more enjoyable life. When you #KnowYourGenes, you can take proactive steps to change your lifestyle early in life and find out which medications and treatments make sense for your unique genetic profile. In doing so, patients can shift the focus of healthcare to preventing illness and promoting overall health and wellness.

OM Vascular

Take A Stand. Catching PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease) early is very important. PAD patients are at more than 6 times the risk of death from coronary heart disease as those without pads. Visit OM Vascular to get more information in regards to PAD today.

OM Doctors

OM Doctors offers a revolutionary new approach to finding and booking doctor’s appointments. Community reviews and robust search capabilities help you find exactly the right doctor for your specific medical needs, while a sophisticated online booking engine enables you to set up and book appointments instantly, all from the comfort of your home, and from any digital device. OM Doctors (formerly FindDoctr.com) now has 1 million users and an active database of 100,000 doctors and is aggressively becoming the Airbnb of Medicine.

OM Meds

OM Meds is a full-service online pharmacy that delivers vitamins, prescription medicine and dietary supplements right to your door, at no additional cost. With OM Meds, your co-pays don’t change, and all major healthcare plans are accepted, making it the easiest and most convenient way of managing medical prescriptions, vitamins and supplements. Convenient 24/7-hour access gives you the ability to monitor and manage prescription refills as needed.

OM Lyfe

OM Lyfe offers a full suite of health insurance and life insurance plans for a variety of different budgets and lifestyles. OM Lyfe has a goal of making simple, affordable insurance options available for everyone. To deliver on that goal, OM Lyfe has partnered with some of the top names in the healthcare industry, including Blue Shield of California. In addition, OM Lyfe provides access to a growing number of healthcare resources, including CVS MinuteClinic, Wellvolution and NurseHelp 24/7.