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Emylee Thai General Partner

Annah NguyenLimited Partner

Huy LeAssociate

Victor Shi, MDMedical Director; Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Alpha World Care

Salar Hakham, MDMedical Director; Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Alpha World Care

Tom Do, PharmDPharmaceutical Director; Pharmacist and Chief Financial Officer of Medicine Man Pharmacy

Albert Lim Chen YetAdvisor; Project Director of Ekovest Berhad and Iskandar Waterfront Holdings Sdn Bhd

Kieu HoangAdvisor; Vice President of Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co.

Dan MapesAdvisor; Founder/President, Cyberlab9 Media Lab /

Lily Tran, PhDBusiness Consultant (External); Managing Partner, IDP Management