Israeli Scientists Announce Complete ‘Cure for Cancer’ is Coming Soon

2019 Feb, 04 | Source:

A team of scientists employed by a biotech company in Israel known as Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBi) recently announced that within a year, they will have a complete cure for cancer.

As described by chairman of the board of AEBi and CEO Dr. Ilan Morad, the AEBi cancer fighting treatment, which they refer to as MuTaTo (multi-target toxin), resembles a “cancer antibiotic.” That is, a peptide-based disruption technology of “the highest order,” a very full on, aggressive concept when it comes to treating the disease.

The way it was described painted a picture of MuTaTo utilizing a combination of several different cancer-fighting peptides, for each cell of cancer individually, at the same time. That, in combination with a strong peptide toxin that is capable of killing cancer cells in specific, is what they believe will work.

SoAP technology is what they say this anti-cancer drug is based on, which belongs to the “phage display” group of related treatments. They introduce DNA coding for a particular protein, an antibody for instance, into a virus designed to infect bacteria, a bacteriophage.

Then, the protein is displayed on the phage’s surface. According to researchers, the idea is to use the protein-displaying phages to test for certain interactions with other proteins, small molecules, and DNA sequences.

They say in effect by using at least three targeting peptides on the same structure in combination with a strong toxin, AEBi is certain the treatment won’t be jeopardized by the cancer’s mutations. Cancer cell mutations of course, make it very difficult to treat because they mutate in such a way that the cancer drops targeted receptors.

The complexity of cancer is highlighted by the fact that some cancerous tumors actually create their own shields, which are said to create access problems to large molecules, such as antibodies, which would normally be able to fight something going wrong in the body like that.

A colorful description was provided by Next Big Future, noting that MuTaTo “MuTaTo acts like an octopus or a piece of spaghetti and can sneak into places where other large molecules cannot reach.” According to Morad, the peptide pieces of MuTaTo are exceptionally tiny, 12 amino acids long, and the peptide components also lack a rigid structure.

AEBi announced that it had completed its first exploratory mice experiment, which they report managed to inhibit cancer cell growth with no noticeable effect on the healthy mouse cells, in contrast to the effects of chemotherapy for instance. They also performed several in-vitro trials.

Now AEBi is drumming up support for a round of clinical trials they are set to begin, which could reportedly be completed within a couple years, making the treatment available in “specific cases.”

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