Emylee Thai

Emylee Thai is a serial entrepreneur who started her first business at the age of 16 and has led five different e-commerce startups to profitability. She is currently looking to revolutionize the world of healthcare as the Founder and General Partner of Orion Modern, an innovative healthcare venture capital and private equity firm with a diverse portfolio of holdings in the healthcare space, including OM Genetics, OM Vascular, OM Meds, OM Doctors, OM Lyfe and OM Impact.

Emylee has identified the California healthcare industry as the primary customer focus for Orion Modern. One of her portfolio companies, OM Doctors, for example, serves a broad cross-section of lower-income and older California residents that have been underserved by the traditional healthcare industry. Her goal is to make healthcare inclusive rather than exclusive, and to bring affordable, innovative healthcare solutions to California. In 2019-2020, her plan is to expand this focus even further, in order to focus on key markets within Asia (including Vietnam, Malaysia and China).

Based on her previous background in bootstrapping and growth hacking digital e-commerce startups to profitability, Emylee has created an innovative business model for Orion Modern that is based on two primary revenue streams: the sale of in-home genetic testing kits and the collection of listing fees from doctors and medical practitioners using the OM Doctors marketplace to connect with patients. In 2018, Emylee also advised OM Meds on the launch of a new online subscription service for the order and fulfillment of prescription medications and vitamins.

Emylee vision of the world is one that is multicultural, global and interconnected. As such, she is re-imagining the world of healthcare and breaking down silos that have traditionally existed between different sectors of the healthcare industry. Most importantly, she has championed the use of in-home genetic DNA testing kits as a potential way to empower patients and to transform the focus of medical practitioners from “cure” to “prevention.” Based on nearly 10 years of experience in the digital technology space, she is helping to apply concepts around customer acquisition, branding and marketing to healthcare, which makes her a true innovator in this space.

Emylee currently lives in Newport Beach, California. Besides from investing her time into Orion Modern, she also invests heavily in the local tech scene through angel investments ranging in size from $20,000 to $100,000 per deal. She is fluent in English and Vietnamese and enjoys traveling with her puppy, Happy the Shih Tzu, in her spare time. Emlyee also writes extensively about the nexus of healthcare, personal genetics, and digital technology on her personal blog: www.emyleethai.com. Her company, Orion Modern, has been featured in the local business media after one of her companies, FindDoctr, was acquired in August 2018.

Connect with Emylee Thai:
Email: emylee@orionmodern.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/emyleethai/
Personal: www.emyleethai.com
Company: www.orionmodern.com